Procurement and Payment Services (PPS) Training and Resources Site

Over the course of FY22, Procurement and Payment Services (PPS) worked to develop a centralized interface to share the knowledge, skills, and resources held within PPS units - Business Contracts, the Historically Underutilized Business/Small Business (HUB/SB), Payment Services, and Purchasing (including UT Market and ProCard). The new training and resources webpage at, serves as a repository of unit-focused learning and development tools to improve university employee procurement competencies and practice.

The PPS Training and Resources site is intended to improve access and visibility of procurement related training content, which can be easily referenced and downloaded.  The format of the site will also facilitate maintenance of trainings to ensure accuracy and availability of most up-to-date information.  As work on this site continues, additional resources to be made available include curriculum pathways for different audience groups, as well as expanded access to resources available through our national procurement education partners. 

The PPS team welcomes the opportunity to demo the new site to your user groups. Please direct questions, comments and suggestions regarding the PPS Training and Resources site to the PPS Internal Communications and Training team at


Training & Resources
October 24, 2022