UT Market Updates to eShipGlobal Website

What is eShipGlobal?

eShipGlobal provides a single point of access to price, ship, track, manage and pay for shipments, as well as compare rates and services between multiple carriers. eShipGlobal provides processes for all domestic and international shipments, including those containing biological materials, hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, radioactive materials, dry ice, and non-regulated materials. This program satisfies the University’s need for streamlined shipping across campus as well as oversight and control of hazardous and foreign shipments.

While the primary goal of this system is to streamline shipping across campus and minimize the University’s risk associated with moving hazardous or other regulated materials and to ensure compliance with safety and export regulations as well as other mandates, the online system also offers benefits to all University business shippers.

These include allowing users to:

  • Choose from a variety of carriers (UPS, FedEx and DHL) to determine which one best meets their specific needs
  • Shop and compare costs to ensure Schools and Centers receive the best price from available carriers
  • Track shipments from an integrated at-a-glance dashboard, regardless of the carrier used to ship the package, and receive automatic notifications
  • Preprint shipping labels.
  • Easily schedule pickups

For those individuals who need to ship hazardous materials, the system verifies that shippers have the proper training and helps ensure shipments are prepared in accordance with the most current dangerous goods regulations from the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the United States Department of Transportation (DOT).

Who can Use eShipGlobal?

Any employee with an EID.

How can I register for training?

Register Here

How do I Log-in?

Log in via UT Direct and choose FRMS from the dashboard.

UT Direct

Select the Procurement tab, then select the link under the eShipGlobal graphic. If it does not display the Click Here to enter eShipGlobal link, then you may need permission to access the site.

UT Direct 2

How do I Get Access?

Contact the Electronic Office Manager (EOM) for permission to ship and bill the department account. The EOM will complete the boxes below using the “eShip Global User Profiles” link from FRMS.



View a complete training and FAQ guide.

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January 13, 2023